3 Modern Ways to Connect With Islam

In the modern times, staying connected to Islam seems like a gargantuan task. There’s cut throat competition all around, there’s this need to excel at work and studies, the schedules are hectic, the life is so fast that one barely gets the time to take a moment and bow down in prayer. Whatever time we […]

Why is Salah (Prayer) Important?

Salah or prayer is such an important aspect of Deen that he who leaves it becomes of those who have left Allah’s word behind. Its importance can be understood from that fact that while all other religious commandments were sent down to the earth as revelations, the commandment to PRAY didn’t come down. Rather, it […]

How To Keep Up With Your Salah

On the night of Ascension, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was gifted with the 5 daily prayers or Salah for the entire Ummah. We call the Salah a gift because it is a means of truly connecting with the Lord of the heavens and the earth. It is a time when we break free […]