3 Modern Ways to Connect With Islam

In the modern times, staying connected to Islam seems like a gargantuan task. There’s cut throat competition all around, there’s this need to excel at work and studies, the schedules are hectic, the life is so fast that one barely gets the time to take a moment and bow down in prayer. Whatever time we get at home, we tend to spend it lazing on the couch or scrolling through our social media feed because Oh, we are so tired, right?

While the din of the world gets to us in so many diverse ways, it is quintessential that we take a moment and look at the broader picture. Where are we headed as Muslims? What is our ultimate goal? Are we working towards it? Are we investing some of our time to earn our way into paradise?

If the answer to any of these is NO, then there is a problem to be solved. After all, this life is going to be temporary and everything we earn here is going to be left behind. If we are not making preps for our next life, chances are, we are going to lose.

So here’s the deal breaker – no matter which level of practicing Deen you are at, take baby steps towards the next. If you are somebody who doesn’t pray at all, start praying at least one prayer. If you are somebody who hasn’t read the Qur’an for a long while now, begin with a single verse. Start slow but keep it consistent.

Muslim Kid Connecting With God

Here are a few ways to keep connect with Islam:

  1. Keep track of prayers
    In our super busy schedules, it becomes very hard not to miss a prayer, especially those which align with our work hours. Many times, we have been stuck in piles of work and forgotten all about Salah. However, Islam requires us to pray NO MATTER WHAT. There is no exclusion in prayer. So while at work, set an alarm for prayers. You can conveniently find auto reminders on Qur’anic apps. These little reminders can go a long way in re-establishing your connection with Islam.

  2. Read the Qur’an

Find no time to read the book of Allah? Don’t feel bad. Technology is a savior in many many ways – including this. Download a Qur’an reading app on your phone, plug in your earphones while you are commuting to work and voila! You can listen and read – both at once. What’s amazing about these apps is that you even find the translations right there. So you can choose your preferred language and even understand (if you are a Non Arabic speaker) rather than the norm of reading the Arabic text but not understanding a word.

  1. Sadaqah Al Jaariya
    Charity is even if you donate a single date or pass on a smile. It is so easy to practice. Sadaqah al Jariya goes beyond this in terms of reward. You do a deed once and its rewards last for as as long as people or even animals benefit from it. For instance, donate a copy of the Qur’an. As many times people read from it, you earn rewards. Or plant a tree, as many times living beings eat from it or find shelter in it, you get rewards. These little acts can go a long long way in establishing your connection with Islam.