4 Lessons from Surah Fatiha

When you start reading the Quran, you are welcomed by Surah Fatiha. Even your Salah is incomplete without the short, but powerful verses of this Surah. What is it about Surah Fatiha that makes it such an important part of your Salah. If you analyze and ponder over its verses, you’ll find that it has some exceptional qualities that make it a one of a kind.

In a short examination of the Surah Fatihah verses, the crux is to ask Dua to guide you towards Sirat Al Mustaqeem i.e. straight path. There is so much depth in this Dua. It summarizes the goal of this life – to remain rooted to the path of Allah and not be led astray by the whisperings of Satan. 

Here are a few lessons we learn from Surah Fatiha. 

4 Lessons from Surah Fatiha

Allah is the most merciful

We often imagine Allah punishing us for the wrongs we did in our lives. However, in the very first verses of the Quran, Allah describes Himself as the most merciful. His mercy exceeds His anger and we, as Muslims, need to remember this.


Guide us to the straight path.
This prayer makes it clear that we have to ask for guidance and Allah, out of His grace, will grant it to us. It is interesting that Allah pointed out this straight path to us in the very first verses of the Quran. Ultimately, those who will stick to this path will be successful in the Akhira. He tells us that this path is found with those whom His favor is upon. 

It even makes us wonder who these people are? How can we be like them?

Ascribing Success to Allah

In mentioning the Straight Path, Allah (swt) clearly states that He is the One acting.

أَنْعَمْتَ – This word means “You bestow nai’mah (favor) upon” in reference to God. This is a reminder that we do not EARN Allah’s grace. Rather, He gives it to us out of His infinite mercy. We can make Dua that He grants us His forgiveness and Mercy but ultimately, it is a favor which Allah bestows upon us. This again reminds the servant to be humble before Allah (swt).

The Social Nature of the Islamic Message

By highlighting a set of people, Allah tells us that this religion is not individualistic. It encourages us to seek out people from whom we can learn, and good company with whom we can be.

As the Prophet ﷺ said, “A person is upon the religion of his/her friends.” The most intimate companions of a person will often affect his/her faith and will influence the direction of his/her life.  But if we know that we should seeking the knowledge and stay within the framework provided by the Prophet ﷺ, strive to be with people who show purity and sincerity as best as we can notice, spend time in circles of activism and call to good things, and work hard to do righteous actions and be in groups that do righteous actions, the Qur’an is telling us that while in that company, we are on the Straight Path – insha’Allah (God-willing).

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