4 Ways Of Early Ramadan Preparations

When any major event draws near, we prepare for it months in advance. Be it a wedding or a seminar, we leave no stone unturned in bracing for it. We book the venue, plan the seating arrangements, decorate and send invitations. Now think of the biggest event of the year we are given as Muslims – the month of Ramadan. Ramadan preparations begin a month early for most of us, but for the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), they would begin six months prior to Ramadan. Now that is something we need to look up to. What is it in Ramadan preparations that we need to practice. Where do we lag behind? And what can we do to improve it.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. As soon as ramadan arrives, it changes your entire schedule. Your days will revolve around worship, prayer, Iftar and Taraweeh. Now instead of changing making drastic changes overnight, it is better to go slow with your lifestyle change and begin early.

Ramadan Preparations

With just a month left for its first day,  we need to brace ourselves for the worship mode now.

Here are a few early Ramadan preparations we need to make now to improve ourselves in a way that we can focus on the real motive of Ramadan – worship.

  1. Make Voluntary Fasts
    Your body will take a while to adjust to the long hours of fasting. It might cause headaches and hunger pangs initially. For some, it may even cause stomach irritations. However, if you begin with voluntary fasts right from the month of Shabaan, your body will adapt to fasting till Ramadan arrives. Result? Your early Ramadan preparations will optimize your worship when the time comes.

  2. Increase Your Qur’an Reading Speed
    If you are a Non Arabic speaker, you’ll understand and feel what we mean here. In order to reap the benefits of reciting Qur’an during Ramadan, you must be able to read it at a reasonable speed.  So before Ramadan begins, read or listen to the Qur’an as much as you can. You can make use of a decent Qur’an app for this. By the time Ramadan arrives, your reading speed will be amazing.

  3. Pray On Time and Pray Extra
    As part of Ramadan preparations, make it a point to pray the 5 obligatory prayers on time and if you have already achieved that, pray voluntary prayers. Once you make it a routine, it will be a piece of cake to achieve high levels of Ibadah during Ramadan. Just a handy tip – set frequent alarms on your phone or Salah app. All of us need an occasional reminder.

  4. Eat Healthy, Eat Moderately
    Ramadan is going to start in peak summer for most of us, so it is prudent to keep the body well hydrated and stuffed with nutrition because lack of eating during fasts will definitely make you weaker. Also, it is important to eat moderately as part of Ramadan preparations so that the body feels lesser hunger pangs when the days begin.