5 Quranic Tips to Control Your Anger

People often inflict damage on their souls, their relationships, jobs and the people closest to them in a fit of rage. For some, anger is as manageable as going quiet while for others it could be the most disastrous thing in the whole wide world.

This is not to say that we can completely eliminate the feeling of anger from our lives. As humans, it is one of the many emotions we experience. However, considering the damage your fit of rage could do, it is important that you learn how to control your anger!

Control your anger

And like always, the Quran and The Prophet (peace be upon him) advise us about it. A man came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) and said, “Counsel me,” so he (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said, “Do not become angry.”
The man repeated [his request for counsel] several times, and every time he (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said, “Do not become angry.”
[Source: Al-Bukhari]

This hadith clearly signifies the importance of controlling ones anger. However, that’s not it. There are multiple instructions in the Sunnah and Allah’s word which teach us how to achieve this. 

Tips to Control Your Anger

  1. Make plenty of Dua that Allah helps you overcome your anger.
    There is a beautiful Dua by the Prophet (pbuh) which reads,
    “O Allah, by Your knowledge of the unseen and Your power over creation, keep me alive so long as You know that living is good for me. And cause me to die when You know that death is better for me. O Allah, cause me to fear You in secret and in public. I ask You to make me true in speech in times of pleasure and of anger. I ask You to make me moderate in times of wealth and poverty. And I ask You for everlasting delight and joy that will never cease. I ask You to make me pleased with that which You have decreed and for an easy life after death. I ask You for the sweetness of looking upon Your face and longing to meet You in a manner that does not entail a calamity that will bring about harm or a trial that will cause deviation. O Allah, beautify us with the adornment of faith and make us among those who guide and are upon the right path.”
    [Sunan an-Nasa’i]

  2. Seek refuge in Allah
    Anger is from Shaitan so who can break it better than Allah, the Exalted. The Prophet (pbuh) advised us to recite “A’udhu billahi minash-Shaitan nir-rajim” every time we feel our blood boiling. This translates to “I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed.”

  3. Change positions
    If you feel anger while you are standing, sit down. If you feel anger while sitting, lie down.

  4. Silence
    While we are angry, we are tempted to say so much. But a word to the wise. If you give in to this temptation, you will live to regret it and the damage you will cause will not be easy to mend. As Muslims, we are advised to speak good or remain silent.

  5. Deviate your mind and perform ablution
    Busy yourself in some productive work rather than vent out your anger. If you have nothing to do, make ablution. Deviating your mind helps like magic.