6 Ways To Do Effective Dawah

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that the purpose of our creation is to worship Him alone. But He did not leave us at that. He sent us constant reminders, Messengers and Prophets (peace be upon them all) so that we do not deviate. These beautiful people chosen by Allah came from different eras, different countries, even spoke different languages. But they had one thing in common – they believed in Allah and invited others to Islam. They did Dawah. 

And this makes Dawah one of the best deeds you could do in your lifetime because it is the Sunnah of ALL the Prophets right from Adam (a.s) to Muhammed (peace be upon him).  

Allah also informs us that every child is born on fitrah (i.e. Muslim) and then he/she might adopt a different religion under the influence of family or culture. 

It is our responsibility as Muslims to invite them to Islam and preach them the beauty of it.

Ofcourse, this is no easy mission. The Prophets had to face a lot of harassment when they invited people to Islam. Chances are that we too will (considering the Islamophobic times we live in). Dawah is tiring but it is worth all the effort because it involves guiding people to the Straight Path and to that which will bring them happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.

6 ways to do effective Dawah

People are reluctant to embrace a new faith. If you tell them that their religion is wrong and they will end up in hellfire, they will turn defensive and never accept your message. Dawah requires tact and skill.

Here are 6 ways you can do an effective Dawah:

  1. Practice what you preach
    People won’t believe what you SAY. They will believe what you DO. So if you are preaching justice, BE just. If you are preaching truth, BE truthful. Likewise, if you are preaching somebody to pray, pray yourself first.

  2. Maintain a good physical appearance
    You don’t want people to think that Muslims are anything but hygienic and don’t care about maintaining a clean and tidy look. So perfume yourself, trim your nails, maintain hygiene and practice cleanliness. You represent your religion so ensure that you are presentable enough.

  3. Do NOT insult
    Islam never asked us to insult or ridicule people’s faith. Show tolerance towards their religion and they will show tolerance towards yours. If you insult the Bible or Torah, they will turn defensive and insult the Quran. Would you like that? No? Then adopt a harmonious approach.

  4. Live the Quran
    The best way to do Dawah is to live by the Quran and let people get inspired by the beauty of your actions like speaking kindly, being compassionate, removing harmful things from a travellers path, etc. Examples are many, its time we live by them.

  5. Find common grounds
    Try to find something common between Islam and their religion. Let this common thing be the conversation starter. Not only will they feel comfortable, they will also open their hearts to listen to your message.

  6. Don’t be the Haram Police
    When we introduce Allah to people, we only talk about Haram and Halal. We start Haram policing. A person who has no clue about Islam starts feeling disappointed. Now let’s see how Allah introduces Himself in the Quran. Does He begin with Haram and Halal or does He begin with introducing Himself as the Most Merciful and touching the hearts of whoever wishes to know Him? Let’s adopt the latter approach when we do our Dawah.