Answers from the Quran: Who is Allah?

One of the most common questions Non-Muslims ask us is this – Who is Allah? Before getting to the roots of Islamic principles and theology, it is important to address this question because it is the foundation of the religion of Islam. When Allah sent down Adam and Hawa, they had full knowledge of who is Allah and what their purpose of existence is. However, as time and many generations passed, people began to forget and deviate. They started making statues of noble people and revering them to the point of religion. Some started worshipping nature – the sun, moon, stars, trees, even animals. And others conveniently refused to believe that a God even exists.

who is allah

So Who is Allah?

Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, which means that everything that exists in the Universe or a parallel universe was created by Him. He has no beginning and no end.

Allah is also the Master of the Day of Judgment or the day of Resurrection, when those who did good in this world and believed in Him will be rewarded with paradise and those who did not believe in Him and were engaged in evil will be sent to hellfire. 

He is the Creator of destiny and nothing in this world happens without His permission. For Him, nothing is impossible. He can make miracles happen, all He has to say is Be. 

Above all these descriptions is the fact that Allah loves us more than anyone ever will. Imagine a mother’s love for her child – Allah loves us more than that. He is the most merciful and He loves the doers of good. He is just and free from any imperfection. He sends us blessings and trials in order to mould us into our best versions. 

Allah is also the most forgiving. No matter how many sins you fall into or how many times you err, if you turn towards him with a heart full of guilt and a resolve never to repeat the same mistake again, He will forgive you. 

The unity of Allah

People often dispute and argue about the unity of Allah. Some worship many mini-Gods apart from the One who created everything. Some say there are multiple Gods. The fact of the matter is that Allah is One. There is no parallel to Him. He does not NEED a parallel or a partner because He is sufficient. Only He is worthy of worship. There is no other noble soul or statue that can benefit us in any form. It is monotheism which causes people to differ in religion because while people believe in the concept of One God, they make the mistake of associating others with Him. 

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