4 Things Islam says about pride

Ever thought you are better than the other? Ever looked down upon someone (knowingly or unknowingly? If you have, think again. Iblis was expelled from heaven because he was too proud and arrogant to make a prostration to Adam at his Lord’s command. So if you’ve ever looked down upon someone, whose footsteps are you […]

Stories of the Prophets: Musa

The story of Musa (AS) spans the most politically active time for the children of Israel- the time when Firaun was at the pinnacle of power and referred to himself as a god. He set up class distinctions, and set people against one another, keeping the children of Israel at the lowest level of Egyptian […]

Stories of the Prophets: Ibrahim

The story of Ibrahim is full of lessons for the believers. Born into a family of idolaters, he was blessed with spiritual understanding and intelligence right from his childhood. Even though his father was an idol worshipper, Ibrahim was quick enough to reason that an idol or celestial body could not bring him any benefit.  […]

Will the Quran intercede for you

Intercession is a debatable topic in Islam. Different schools of thought approach it differently. But nobody contradicts the belief that the Qur’an will intercede for its readers on the Day of Resurrection. Do you believe that the Quran will intercede for you? If yes, are you maintaining the right kind of relationship with the Quran? […]