Charity in Ramadan during Covid 19

COVID-19 has changed the way people would spend their time in Ramadan. Earlier, it was a common practice to attend the Masjid, arrange for Iftars for the needy and complete your charity goals. Today, everything has come to a standstill. But this does not mean you lose out on the reward of charity. Ramadan during […]

Turn your house into a masjid

In times of Covid 19, when most of the countries have shut their places of worship (including Masjids), praying in congregations is something people have been advised to avoid as a basic principle of social distancing. This holds especially true for senior citizens, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases and in fact, anyone who […]

What The Quran says about Valentine’s Day

The entire world is enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day, especially the youngsters. In the modern world, when people revere the valentine’s day like it’s a major festival, Muslim youngsters find themselves stuck in a dilemma of whether to celebrate it or not.  As a thumb rule, we Muslims are supposed to turn towards the Quran and […]