For The Love of Mecca

Mecca – it is the dream of every Muslim, practicing or non – practicing to visit this place and spend the most precious time of their life here. It strikes a chord within every heart even though it is arid, over crowded and scorchingly hot. To many, this might sound weird (what does a desert have to offer to the Muslims anyhow?) but it is only the heart of a believer which understands how beautiful and life changing this journey proves to be.


It is one of the pillars of Islam to visit Mecca to perform the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in our lives (that is, if our finances and health permit us to travel). A believer is promised that all his/her sins will be forgiven when this pilgrimage is complete. It is like we get a clean slate for all of the wrongs we have done in our life. Who wouldn’t want to make this pilgrimage!

Spending time in Mecca makes one break away from their hectic routines and reconnect with Allah on a deep level. It helps you be at peace and cleanse seek forgiveness for everything that has gone by and start your spiritual journey anew.

The beauty of the place lies in the fact that Last Prophet (peace be upon him) was born and brought up here. He received his first revelation here, started preaching Islam here and most of all, declared Mecca to be his most beloved place. He taught us to make this place our Qibla (the direction in which all Muslims pray) and preached us that a single prayer prayed in Masjid Al Haram is equivalent to a hundred thousand performed in any other Mosque. He declared it as a sanctuary where killing (of humans, plants and animals alike) is forbidden and a place where every living being is safe.

He (peace be upon him) openly announced his love of Makkah and its significance in the sight of Allah when he ﷺ said, addressing it: “I swear by Allah! You are the best of the lands of Allah and you are the most beloved land to Allah.”
[Saheeh-At-Tirmidhi and Ahmad]

However the significance of Mecca dates back to Prophet Ibrahim’s time when Allah instructed Him to build the first Kaaba in it and sent down the Black Stone as a mark of sanctity of this structure.

In Mecca springs the finest of spring water, called Zamzam which is the living reward of Hajar’s struggle as she struggled between Safa and Marwa, looking for water.

It is a place where hundreds of Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) have struggled to find faith. Mecca is not just a place to be visited, it is an experience to be lived and cherished. However, as much as the heart craves its spiritual significance, not everybody can taste its sweetness or stay there forever.

Technology has made it easier for people who haven’t made it to Mecca or  miss their time there to access it virtually. We call this technological advancement “Mecca Live”. Sure, it doesn’t qualify for a Hajj pilgrimage but it sure brings some relief to the heart. You can turn it on anytime and view the place most beloved to the Prophet (peace be upon Him).