Hajara – The Strong Muslim Woman

The Quran narrates the story of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) and his wife Hajara.

Ibrahim (may Allah be pleased with him) received a command that he has to take his wife Hajara and his only new born son Ismaeel (May Allah be pleased with him) into the middle of a desert which we now know as Mecca. In those days, the city had not evolved. There was NOTHING there – no water, no people, nothing! The command was to leave them in the middle of the desert and return (without them) – just like that!

He was not supposed to arrange resources like basic food or water for them. They would be left with nothing but a harsh desert when he left.

And so, without a doubt in mind, Ibrahim (a.s) went on that journey. He didn’t tell Hajar anything about it. All she knew was that they were going on a journey and they would come back home as always.

the story of hajar and ibrahim

When they reached the middle of the desert, the sat down and Ibrahim (a.s) stood up and he started to walk back towards Palestine. He did not ask his wife to follow. So she chased after him and said, “Ya Ibrahim, who are you leaving us to? There is no one with us. What are you doing?” And Ibrahim (a.s) would not reply to her.


Because if he replies, he will get into a conversation and he is afraid his heart may lose itself. He HAS to fulfil the command of Allah (swt). So he keeps walking straight without looking at her. And Hajara keeps following him, asking him the same questions again and again and again.

The Realization

Finally, it dawned upon her. Hajara (a.s) stopped for a minute and thought.  With her piety, righteousness and knowledge of Allah swt, she asked one last and simple question, “Ya Ibrahim, Is it Allah who commanded you to do this?”

And Ibrahim (a.s) still without looking at her replied in the affirmative and kept walking…

At this point, Hajara (a.s) stopped and watched her husband walk away. She calmed down and said the following words,
“Therefore, Allah will not let us go. Allah will not lose us.”

The Lesson

To us, this is just a story. We can only imagine it. But for her, standing there alone in that barren desert with her infant child and being left alone by her husband was the reality.

And here we see the strength of a Muslim woman. She did what most men of our Ummah would not be able to do. She unflinchingly placed her trust in Allah despite all odds. She accepted His decision within the blink of an eye. Hajara showed the power of 100 men at that time – both physical and emotional.

She ran between Safa and Marwa when food began to run out and Allah swt saw her struggle. He sent her the water of Zamzam. Till date, Muslims around the world, men and women, strong and weak, all follow the footsteps of Hajara, the Muslim woman who set an example of reliance upon Allah and proved that Muslim women are not weak – they never were!