How to bid farewell to Ramadan?

The arrival of Ramadan is a whole different feeling. All throughout the year, Muslims across the world are torn out from their daily routines, excessive work stress and what not, only to find their solace in Ramadan. This is the time when hearts heal, when people focus on defeating their innermost desires and head leaps and bounds towards the path of Allah. Bidding farewell to Ramadan is never easy. Nobody wants the tranquility of Ramadan to depart from their lives. However, no matter how much we want to stop time, we cannot. What we can do instead is preserve the beauty of Ramadan in our hearts till it returns another year. 

How to bid farewell to Ramadan

How to bid farewell to Ramadan?

A farewell to Ramadan might be sad but it’s not the end of the world. There are still multiple ways to keep the spirit of Ramadan alive in our hearts and in our lives. Here are a few:

Don’t break the routine
By the end of Ramadan, you’re already in the habit of praying Tahajjud, waiting it out till Fajr and praying Quran afterwards. Don’t let this routine break after Ramadan is over. In fact, don’t break any routine. Keep planning your days around Salah in the same way you would do during Ramadan.

Set goals
Remember how you set your goals during Ramadan? They helped you get somewhere with your worship. They helped you progress in the path of Allah. Now that you have achieved those goals, set new ones after Ramadan. Act towards achieving those goals and they will help you become a better Muslim till Ramadan arrives again.

Be consistent in your worship

Allah loves those who are consistent in worship. Be one among them. You could be spending one dollar in charity every month or you could be feeding the birds everyday, every small deed counts in the sight of Allah. Just be consistent at it.

Keep up with your good habits

Many of us develop good habits during Ramadan. We refrain from gossip, idle talk, music and so much more, only to return to them after Eid. Don’t do that. The same God who is watching you during Ramadan is also watching you after it. Keep up with your good habits.

Leave your bad habits – one at a time

Make a firm resolve to leave your bad habits – one in a month. Go slow but do it anyway. You’ll slip and get tempted along the way. Don’t let that break your resolve. Remember that whatever sin you give up for the sake of Allah will be rewarded in ways that will blow away your mind.

Maintain your relationship with the Quran
The Qur’an guided your life during Ramadan and brought you so much peace and tranquility. Don’t let that relationship with the word of Allah die out after Ramadan. 

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