How To Connect With The Qur’an

Let’s accept it – we’ve all tried to establish a deep bond with the Qur’an at some point of life and failed at it. We’ve tried to let it seep into our hearts and haven’t felt that power and stir which Umar Ibn Al Khattab (r.a) experienced when he first heard it. Our lives haven’t changes after listening to it’s verses like Al Fudayl Ibn Iyad (the highway robber who turned into a renowned islamic scholar).

Ever wondered why?

It is because we have taken out the meaning from the Qur’an. We recite it as part of our daily ritual but we don’t spare a minute trying to understand it. The question remains, if we are unable to understand the Qur’an, how will we ever know what Our Creator is trying to convey to us?

Now if you are a native Arabic speaker, voila – understanding the Qur’an (atleast the literal translation) is a piece of cake. However if you are not one, you need of grasping its meaning  will take you through piles of books, Quran translations, Quran Tafsirs and learning a foreign language which takes years. But let’s face it, we’re consumed with our hectic schedules. Not everybody has that much time on their plate. Besides, we don’t even know which translation and tafsir is the most appropriate for a beginner level.

So how do we proceed?

Find a suitable translation
There are literally 114 Qur’an translations available on the internet. Choosing the perfect one can be quite a daunting task. But it’s not impossible either.
Find a free translation in a language which holds more meaning to you. You can derive a whole lot of meaning from the Qur’an if you can at least understand its basic meaning.

Quran Majeed app has been THE latest go to place for this with 59 translations in diverse languages.
Read the verse, couple it with meaning and you are at the first step of connecting Allah.

Understand the THEME of the Qur’an
The main theme of the Qur’an is to acquaint its reader with The Creator, to clarify the best way for humankind to live this life – be it in relation to the Creator or the Creation, to give meaning and guidance to one’s life. Once you understand the THEME of the Qur’an, it will be much easier to delve into its depths.

Read The Qur’an With An Open Heart and Mind
If you come to it with the objective of looking for verses which prove your stance, will you have gained anything out of it?
Instead, let your Qur’an reading moment be one when your heart is open to embrace whatever it has to offer – guidance, Divine love, law or more.

The Qur’an will give you whatever you ask of it. If you ask it to give you truth, it will give you that.

There’s a background to each verse. Understand it!
The Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him) over a span of 23 years. Each of its verse wasn’t just revealed out of the blue. It had a story and a context behind it. In order to understand what each verse conveys, you must know under what circumstances it was revealed. That is where quran tafsirs come into play. They tell you exactly why each verse was revealed and hence become important to establish a close connection with the Qur’an. Among the most popular tafsirs are Tafsir ibn Katheer, Usmani and Tabari. These along with 4 other detailed Tafseers can be found on the Quran Majeed App for ease of access.

Apply The Qur’an To Your Life
The Quran is not mere history or a set of rules you learn. It is a comprehensive way of living and a guidance till the end of times.

If you are being slandered as a Muslim, it tells you how the prophet (peace be upon him) dealt with Slander.
Faced with adversity, it asks you to deal with it through patience and prayer.

Whatever situation you are in, there’s a solution and antidote right there in the Quran. You just need to ponder and apply it in your life.

And once you’ve achieved  this connection with the Quran, you will feel contentment take over the heart and you will see the quality of your life, salah and Dua improve by leaps and bounds.