How to Make Time For Quran Recitation?

We live in busy busy times. Most of our lives are consumed by work to an extent that we barely get to spend time with our families. By the time we reach home, we are so overcome by tiredness that we spend the rest of it lazing on that couch or scrolling through the social media feed. There’s no energy or room for anything else. Is there room for any new activity?
On the surface, it seems there’s none. But dig a little deeper and realize that with little tweaks in our monotony, we can introduce meaningful activities in our lives – ones that prove to be truly stress relieving and re-acquaint us with our true purpose. One such activity is Quran recitation.

While some have successfully created a bond with the Book of Allah, others still struggle in making time for it and making it an integral part of their lives.  And that’s OK as long as we keep trying.

Allah looks and rewards each effort we make towards Him, no matter how big or small it is. Here are a few tips which can help you break the monotony and add the beauty of Quran to your life:

Keep Reminding Yourself “WHY”

Oftentimes we forget that while our Salah means we are speaking to Allah in private, Quran recitation means Allah speaking to us. Keep reminding yourself that the Book is from word of He who created the heavens and the earth. He is telling you what your purpose in life is, addressing the state of your grieving heart, solving all your problems, reassuring you in every verse. He is promising you an eternal life of happiness. Listen.

Begin Small

The best deeds are consistent even if they are small. You need not complete Surah Baqarah in one day and leave the Qur’an untouched for the rest of the year. This is no race.

Begin small but stay consistent. Start with a page and keep at it. Increase it gradually as your reading speed increases.


There’ll be days when you’ll be tired and your eyelids droop. You’ll have no energy to read a page of the Qur’an. Don’t let it waiver your resolve. Don’t take it as something negative. Accept it as part of your human nature. You can’t be high spirited every time. Just read just a single verse and don’t let the guilt take over.

Use An App

In this era of technology, nothing is difficult, not even making time for the Qur’an. There are hundreds of apps available on the playstore which make Quran recitation easy.

Commuting to work? Read the Qur’an

Waiting in a queue? Read the Qur’an

Menstruating? Read the Qur’an

Whatever you are at, you can carry the Qur’an with you. Technology can be a boon!

If you can’t read, Listen!

Everybody, infact most of us can’t read the Qur’an at super speed, especially when we’re just beginning or naive to Arabic language but that shouldn’t deter us from benefiting from it. So here’s the trick! Listen to it. There are so many beautiful Quranic recitations available across multiple apps which touch the heart and soul. They not only expedite your Qur’an reading experience but also acquaint you with proper Arabic pronunciations so that you become a pro at reading it.

Review Your Schedule

Analyze your schedule. Sometimes it happens is that we have sufficient free time on our plate but we remain oblivious of it. Reviewing your schedule can help eliminate unnecessary activities and make time for productive Qur’an recitation.