Quran and The Highway Robber

Here’s how the Quran changed the life of a notorious robber!

Once there was a highway robber, very famous at his time. He was in love with a girl and he had the habit of sneaking into her house someway and watching & observing her for some time. In nights, he would go and attack Hajj caravans and travellers. He would strip them of their property, their wealth and their belongings. He was notorious to the extent that a lot of the caravans would change route most of the times to avoid that area.

The Highway Robber
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One night, he climbs up the wall of the house of the girl that he loves. He sneaks into the house and as he was making his way into the house, someone was praying Qiyam – al – Layl (the night prayer). Someone was standing before Allah and praying at night alone, reciting the Quran,

“Has the Time Not Come For Those Who Have Believed That Their Hearts Should Become Humbly Submissive At The Remembrance Of Allah.”

  • The Quran, Surah Al Hadid (57:16)

The words shook him and wrapped his heart. He was moved deep inside. One verse from the Quran had hit a chord. He started thinking about these words and forgot why he had even come to this house. And the only response that was on his tongue was, “Indeed my Lord, the time has come!!”

And that moment he changed.

He goes out of this house, roaming aimlessly, contemplating his life, his past, his behavior, his reputation, future and his relationship with Allah.
Eventually, He ends up with a group of travellers. He asks their permission to join them. He sits with them while they were disputing whether to spend the night there or to carry on their journey. One of them said, “We should stay here because there is that famous thief, that’s his area we are heading towards. If we carry on travelling, he might jump on us. So let’s set off in the morning.” The name they mention is his!!

He thinks what he has done that people should fear him so much and don’t even feel safe for their life because of him.

He starts questioning his life. He decides to change because he understands that it is not anybody’s responsibility to change him.

He takes this initiative to change the course of his life and later on becomes a famous scholar, one of the famous worshipers of Islam – Al Fudayl Ibn Iyyadh.

Until today, the books that talk about our relationship with Allah and how to become better Muslims have dozens of his beautiful statements.

What does that tell us?

If the Quran could change his life, why can’t it change yours?

As a Muslim, your connection with the Quran has to go beyond mere reading in a trance. The Quran was meant to hold a certain place in your heart. Rather than the shelf it has been gathering dust on. It is the word of Allah. The purpose of existence and the key to attain His pleasure are scattered throughout its pages. Its reading brings relief to the heart, it’s understanding changes lives.

It was the Quran which changed the heart of Umar Ibn Khattab (R.A) when he set out to kill the Prophet (pbuh). It was the Quran which moved so many of the Sahabbas.

The same Quran is going to change your and my state.

When are we going to submit yourself before its wisdom?