Stories of the Prophets: Adam

The stories of the Prophets are many. However, the one of Adam (peace be upon him) was the first. It is one which teaches us the power of true repentance and the evil associated with arrogance and pride. Prophet Adam was the first human being Allah created. With him began the story of the human race. 

However, when Allah created him, He ordered the angels and Iblis to prostrate in front of Adam as a sign of respect. All of them obeyed except Iblis. He argued that he was better than Adam because he was made from smokeless fire rather than clay. His argument led to his expulsion from paradise and earned him the wrath of Allah till eternity. 

Forbidden fruit: Adam
The forbidden fruit

Overcome with hatred, evil and arrogance, Iblis pledged to mislead human beings till the end of times. And he started off with Adam (a.s). He whispered and encouraged him to eat the forbidden fruit. Adam and Hawa fell prey to his whisperings and having disobeyed Allah, they were both kicked out of paradise. However before being expelled from paradise,Adam and Hawa made sincere repentance to Allah. 

Come to think of it, this was quite contrary to the behavior of Shaytaan, who when erred,met it with an arrogant attitude. Adam and Hawa were humble. They realized their mistake and hastened to seek Allah’s forgiveness.  

Life on earth

On earth, Allah had impeccably placed all provisions but what are worldly provisions for someone who has seen Jannah. Adam and Hawa were blessed with many children and each time Hawa delivered a set of twins – a son and a daughter. Allah allowed a son and daughter born at different times to marry each other and thus, the human race prevailed. Prophet Adam lived long and preached the Oneness of Allah to all his children. He was the first Prophet of Allah to have lived on planet earth. He lived here but yearned for the home which he had been expelled from. 

Lessons from the life of Adam

Allah knows you better than you know yourself

Come to think of it, the story of Adam teaches us many important lessons to live by. First, that Allah knows what is in every heart. Iblis spent his whole life in worship. He was respected among the angels. But Allah, his Creator, knew there was malice in his heart. The creation of Adam just made it evident.

Allah hates pride and arrogance

What was Shaytan’s mistake?
He disobeyed Allah with utmost pride and arrogance. He thought he was superior. There is an important lesson to be learnt here. How often do we think we are better than people in terms of color, nationality, race, caste or good deeds? When we think we are superior, whose footsteps are we following? Shaytan’s? 

Allah will forgive you as long as you seek His forgiveness

Just like Allah could see the arrogance in Iblis, He could also see the remorse and guilt in the hearts of Adam and Hawa. So when they turned to Him for repentance, He forgave them.
No matter how much we have erred, no matter how many sins we do, as long as our hearts feel that guilt and seek Allah’s forgiveness, He will forgive us.  

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