Stories of the Prophets: Ibrahim

The story of Ibrahim is full of lessons for the believers. Born into a family of idolaters, he was blessed with spiritual understanding and intelligence right from his childhood. Even though his father was an idol worshipper, Ibrahim was quick enough to reason that an idol or celestial body could not bring him any benefit. 

sacrifice of ibrahim

Migration of Prophet Ibrahim

Prophet Ibrahim tried his best to bring his people to the right religion and to worship Allah alone. However, their arrogance would not allow them to admit their foolishness. Ibrahim realized that it wasn’t possible to convince them of sheer reason. After his rescue from the fire, he decided to migrate, saying:

“He said: “I will go to my Lord! He will surely guide me! ” [Surah Al Saffat 37:99]

After this, He left his father’s house, abandoned his people and the idols they worshiped! He migrated with his wife, Sarah, to a city called Ur, then to another called Haran, Palestine and then to Egypt calling people to believe in Allah.

The story of sacrifice

Sarah was sterile. Thus, she and Prophet Ibrahim had to wait for more than fifty years before Allah granted them their Du’a and blessed them with a child – Ishmael. As Ishmael grew into a young and pious young man, Prophet Ibrahim’s love for him reached the peak. And just when it was at its pinnacle, Allah ordered him to sacrifice his son for His sake. Imagine being in Ibrahim’s shoes. You wait for more than fifty years for a child and now that you’ve grown to love that child beyond measure, you are being asked to sacrifice him for the sake of Allah. 

However, his love for his son did not get in his way of being an obedient servant of Allah. With a heavy heart, he set out to sacrifice his son. He lifted the knife and behold, Allah stopped him from performing the sacrifice. It was a test of faith which Prophet Ibrahim had passed with flying colors. 

There is an amazing lesson in this story of sacrifice. Many times in life we need to sacrifice for the sake of Allah. It could be a job, a person or a habit or could be something very close to our hearts. It can make us question the commandment or ruling of Allah but always remember that Allah only wants that you sacrifice your attachment to anything in this world – nothing more, nothing less. Your heart should only be attached and obedient to Allah. When you truly detach yourself from this world, Allah returns you whatever you had given up – or even better. 

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