Stories of the Prophets: Musa

The story of Musa (AS) spans the most politically active time for the children of Israel- the time when Firaun was at the pinnacle of power and referred to himself as a god. He set up class distinctions, and set people against one another, keeping the children of Israel at the lowest level of Egyptian society, including Musa’s (AS) family.

Stories of the Prophets: Musa

The prophecy mentioning Musa

A short while before Prophet Musa (AS) was born, Fir’aun was told that a boy from the Bani Israel would soon be born and at his hands, Fir’aun’s kingdom would be destroyed. On hearing this, he ordered his soldiers to kill every male child born to the Bani Israel. The orders were executed and only one baby managed to survive it – Musa. Allah had inspired Musa’s (AS) mother to place him in the river Nile.

“So We sent this inspiration to the mother of Moses: “Suckle (thy child) but when thou hast fears about him cast him, into the river, but fear not nor grieve: for We shall restore him to thee, and We shall make him one of Our messengers.”
(Quran, 28:7)

And Allah fulfilled His covenant. The basket in which Prophet Musa (AS) was floating away reached Asiya, the wife of Firaun and a humble and believing woman who was deprived of a child. While Firáun wanted to kill the child, he ended up adopting him on Asiya’s request. Some women were called to feed the crying child. Yet, the baby refused milk from everyone who came to feed him, except his own mother. In this way, Allah Almighty rejoined mother and child.

Musa: Belief in Allah

Prophet Musa (AS) grew up in Fir’aun’s home and knew state affairs by heart. When He (AS) reached adulthood, Allah showed him His signs and asked him to go back to Fir’aun and his people and invite them His worship. 

Being the proud king that he was, Firaun refused to believe that there was a Lord more powerful than him. He was warned of a punishment if he didn’t listen but his pride and arrogance prevented him from paying heed.

And so, his country was hit by famine. Locusts ate away all the crops, the river Nile was flooded and people were afflicted with lice and tumors.

Splitting of the Red Sea

Musa (AS) gathered the people of Bani Israel and left for Palestine. When Fir’aun learned of their escape he followed them with a huge army. When Musa (AS) with people of Bani Israel reached the Red Sea they saw Fir’aun and his huge army approaching them. Yet, Prophet Musa (AS) struck the waters of the sea with his stick and the unfathomable happened – the  waters parted, making a dry path. The people crossed safely. When Fir’aun saw the path he entered the sea at the head of his army. But while he was in the middle of the sea the waters suddenly closed around him and his men. In this way, Fir’aun and his army drowned and died in the river.

Musa’s story teaches us many lessons. It teaches us that pride and arrogance will ultimately meet it’s ill fate, that nothing given up for the sake of Allah is lost and that where there seems to be no path out of a difficult situation, Allah can make one.

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