Surah Duha: The Antidote To Depression

Have you ever feel disconnected with Allah? Or made Salah and Duas which felt completely hollow – as if you were in a trance. Have you ever heard your inner self refusing to read the Quran and lazing about the Salah till the point when you actually miss it? There are countless articles and quotes on the internet which will tell you that your Imaan levels are low or you’ve done something that made Allah really angry. There’ll be enough stuff popping all over your social media feeding you all the negative stuff and demotivating you to the extent that you start losing hope in the mercy of Allah. We aren’t here to tell you all that. We are here to tell you that your situation was addressed Allah in Surah Duha!

Surah Duha

And guess what, Allah knows that there will be times when you won’t feel like worshiping at all. But He recognizes the fact that you are trying. He sees it when you drag yourself to prayer or read the Qur’an despite having no will. He witnesses your struggle with the Shaitan.

If people tell you that you are not experiencing the sweetness of faith because He is angry at you. Or if you feel that Allah doesn’t love you because of something you did, well, you need to go back to the tafseer of Surah Duha.

The greatest antidote to this kind of depression and that feeling of being deprived of Allah’s love is Surah Duha because it is the most amazing Surah in the Qur’an that asks you to be positive.

When was it revealed?

Surah Duha was revealed at a time when the Prophet (peace be upon him)  did not receive any revelation for 6 months! Neither Jibreel came down nor he saw any dream. You know that feeling when you think Allah is not responding to you anymore or your prayers are not making any impact on your heart. Or you fail to feel a shiver down your spine while others around you are crying before Allah and feeling an emotional connection with Him? The Prophet (pbuh) felt similar. He thought maybe Allah does not want him as a Nabi anymore.

Maybe Allah doesn’t like Him anymore. (We’ve been there – all of us).

And then Allah responded to the state of his heart.

“By the sun and the morning in its blazing glory!”

(That’s the first thing you tell a depressed person – that their life is not all dark. There is still a morning to come!)

“And by the night that envelopes and gives comfort

Allah does not hate you O Muhammed nor has he forgotten you!

And indeed, the hereafter will be far better for you than this Dunya (or the situation you are in) and very soon Allah will give you a massive reward.”

Do you see the power of Surah Duha? It is not just directed at the Prophet (pbuh). It is directed at us as well. Allah does NOT hate us and no matter how dark the night may seem, the morning WILL come. That is what Surah Duha conveys to us!