The 3 goals for Ramadan

We set goals for our careers. We set goals for our personal lives and celebrate when these milestones are achieved.  But when it comes to Ramadan, we never set goals. Just like this world, if you set goals for the hereafter, you’ll be able to succeed. You’ll be able to measure your success and you’ll be able to improvise each time to set a goal. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So have you planned your goals for Ramadan? Do you know what you’ll be focussing on when Ramadan arrives? 

goals for Ramadan

Why set goals for Ramadan?

Ramadan is a brief 29 or 30 day period when you must have a laser focus on what you want to achieve. If your goals are not clearly defined, chances are, you’ll sail through Ramadan but not quite productively. To make the most of this blessed month, it is important to define clear milestones and achieve them – one after the other.

How to set goals for Ramadan?

Now comes the big question – how do we set these goals. 

Consider what were your goals in the previous Ramadan. Did you achieve them? If not, then then this Ramadan you can work on the same goals with the will and determination to achieve them. And if you did achieve them last year, how well did you do? How can you improvise on those goals? 

If you did not have any goals in the previous year, you can simply start by reading about what the objective of Ramadan is from authentic sources. Too often, people end up setting all the wrong goals (weight loss, culinary skills, etc) and measure the success of their Ramadan against them. On the contrary, Allah does not look at how many pounds you lost or how many dishes you cooked. He looks at the consistent good habits you developed, He looks at your God-consciousness and sincerity of heart. Ramadan is more about spiritual goals than frivolous worldly ones.

3 goals for Ramadan

  • Develop a good habit
    If you don’t pray 5 times a day, here’s a golden goal. If you don’t read the Quran every day, here’s your chance. Develop a good habit that you’ll carry with you even when Ramadan departs.

  • Leave a bad habit
    Smoking? Now is the time to quit
    Drinking? Now is the time to quit
    Backbiting? Now is the time to quit
    Lying? Now is the time to quit
    Ramadan is the best time to say goodbye to your bad habits.

  • Repent everyday
    It goes without saying that Ramadan is the best time to humble yourself and ask Allah to forgive you. None of us worships Allah the way He deserves to be worshipped. So keep asking Him for forgiveness for your shortcomings and also for the mistakes you’ve made in your life.

  • Give charity
    Every deed is rewarded 70 times in Islam. So if you donate 1 dollar every day, it’ll be like donating 70 dollars every day. Imagine the reward.

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