The Sacrifice of The Mother of Moses

The Qur’an is full of beautiful beautiful stories of people who showed exemplary belief in Allah even when situations turned completely against them. They gave up their relationships, their wealth, their sons and daughter within the blink of an eye at Allah’s command. And in return, Allah honoured their sacrifice. He intervened in their emotional state and returned whatever they had sacrificed for Him, but also preserved them in the Quran forever. One such story is of the Mother of Moses.

Surah – Al – Qasas

The Nile River
The Nile River

Allah mentions her in Surah – Al Qasas in a verse which you and we must ponder over. This ayah teaches us many lessons. The important one is that each one of us will experience emotional suffering at some point in our lives. We are going to be hurt by the people we love and by the people we lose. Our hearts are going to be wounded by this Dunya. Some will lose their careers, some will lose their health and some will lose their precious relationships and so on.

And that is where this particular ayah fits in. When people get scarred or emotionally damaged, they feel like they are never going to recover again. The mother of Moses too had the colossal task of taking her baby and putting him into the flowing river. The weight of this task is not even something we can imagine. Throwing her baby in the river would have meant that he dies. There is no guarantee of his survival. There is no promise that she will ever see him again. There is no way to check if he is fine or not. Imagine the emotional state of this mother.

But she decides to go for it because it is her Lord’s command. Allah says when she threw her little baby Moses into the water, He emptied her heart out because otherwise she wouldn’t have gathered the emotional strength to do it.  Allah strengthened her heart and empowered her to follow His command. If He hadn’t done that, the trauma of throwing Moses into the river and watch him float away would have killed her.

It was a mercy from Allah that He emptied her heart in a way that it was void of any emotion. You know that feeling of going numb when you hear a traumatic news. When your heart is so wounded that you don’t talk, you don’t blink, you just stay there – quiet. That is the stage she reached.

She almost gave up her secret. She almost screamed in pain. But Allah firmed her heart. And He tells us in the Quran that He did that. He intervened in her emotional state.

The Lesson

Now look back at your life and think how many times has Allah intervened in YOUR emotional state?

How many times did you think you will never heal and yet with time you realized that your inflamed heart was being brought back to normal.  How many times did Allah give you emotional strength like He gave to the mother of Moses?