Women in the Quran

We often hear the common stereotype that women are looked down upon in Islam. In reality, things are just the opposite. Women in the Quran and honored and exemplified beyond one’s imagination. They are recognized and given rights of every form in the religion of Allah. Be it property, lifestyle, wealth, education or anything they set their heart on. Her worship is not considered any inferior to that of a man and in this article, we are going to highlight the stories of women whose efforts, strength and belief was honored and preserved by Allah in the pages of the Quran.

Women in the Quran

Hawwa (a.s)

Hawwa or Eve was the first woman Allah created and also among the women in the Quran. It was from her womb that mankind continued to exist. The biggest lesson from the life of Hawwa was that sincere repentance is always accepted by Allah. She erred against Allah but because of her humbleness, sincere and remorseful heart, she was forgiven. From her we learn that the difference between a believer and disbeliever is repentance and submission to Allah.

women in the quran

The mother of Musa (peace be upon him)

The mother of Musa (a.s) was commanded by Allah to throw her infant son into a flowing river. This command came at a time when Firaun had declared to kill any new born children of that time. No matter the reassurance, the command was not easy to follow for the heart of a mother. Yet, she placed her belief in Allah and did exactly what she was told. At that point, Allah intervened in her emotional state and strengthened her heart. Her son was later on returned to her (something she had never imagined). Her sacrifice was preserved in the Quran to teach us a lesson. That nothing we give up for Allah is lost.

Asiya (peace be upon her)

Asiya was the wife of Firaun. After spending a life full of luxuries, she openly declared her belief in Allah. Firaun was so agitated that he dragged her into the desert and tortured her in order to set an example. But before he could kill her, she made a Dua that “O Allah, build for me near you, a house in paradise.” And Allah accepted it. Her courage and love of Allah made her among the women in the Quran.

Wife of Musa (a.s)

Musa’s  (AS) wife was an intelligent and strong woman. She convinced her father that she wanted to marry Musa (AS), at a time when Musa (a.s) was homeless. Her decision such because he was a nobleman and would respect her. She teaches us what qualities a woman should look for in a man. And that one must prioritize morals and virtues of a person over his/her wealth.

Examples are many. The words can’t do justice. Women are dishonored by a society which fails to follow Islam in true spirit. They are NOT dishonored by Allah.